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Analytical Researchers Journal Club @ KCL

This page features a brief description and the accompanying slides for the monthly analytical researchers journal club that takes place at King's College London.

27th October 2017 

Presenter: Aminah Ali

Paper: Enge et al.  Single-Cell Analysis of Human Pancreas Reveals Transcriptional Signatures of Aging and Somatic Mutation Patterns. Cell 2017. Link

Enge et al use single-cell RNA Sequencing to explore somatic patterns of ageing in the Human pancreas. They identify increased transcriptional noise and potential fate drift from older donors, in addition to mutational signatures associated with aging endocrine cells.

29th September 2017 

Presenter: Ines Barbosa and Christos Petridis

Paper: Belbin et al.  Genetic identification of a common collagen disease in Puerto Ricans via identity-by-descent mapping in a health system. eLife 2017. Link

The paper considers detection of hereditary forms of disease in an Electronic Health Record (EHR)–linked biobank

25th August 2017 

Presenters: Ken Hanscombe and Kylie Glanville

Paper: Turley et al.  MTAG: Multi-Trait Analysis of GWAS, bioRxiv preprint posted July 3, 2017. Link

Tool: Python command line tool link

MTAG is a method and command line tool for combining GWAS information across multiple correlated traits, with potentially overlapping samples, using only summary level statistics. To the degree that multiple traits are correlated, MTAG increases the power to identify SNPs associated with each trait.

28th July 2017 

Presenter: Anders Eriksson

Paper: Peyrégne et al. Detecting ancient positive selection in humans using extended lineage sorting. Genome Res. doi:10.1101/gr.219493.116, 2017. Link

Peyrégne et al. describe a novel approach for quantifying selection using chromosomal regions that show signs of lineage sorting with respect to ancient DNA. This method has higher power to detect selection that happened deep in the past compared to methods that rely only on modern samples.

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