Research Group

Alan Hodgkinson

Group Leader

Alan did his PhD at the University of Sussex, with Professor Adam Eyre-Walker studying variation in the mutation rate in mammalian genomes.  Following this he did a postdoc with Dr  Philip Awadalla at Sainte Justine Hospital, University of Montreal, Canada.  Whilst in Montreal, Alan worked on the population genetics of French-Canadians, as well as a large gene expression study within the CARTaGENE project.

Aminah Ali

PhD Student

I joined Alan’s group in 2016. Prior to this, I completed my MSci Human Genetics degree at UCL, where I worked on an association mapping project using targeted NGS data in relation to type 2 diabetes and a project examining lactase persistence in worldwide populations. Broadly, my research interests lie in understanding genetic variation in human populations and I am currently analysing large-scale, multi-tissue genomic datasets in order to gain insight into genomic drivers of mitochondrial post-transcriptional modification events.

Anna Saukkonen

PhD Student

I am on a LIDo PhD programme doing a project with Alan’s group and Dr. Helena Kilpinen’s group (UCL). I am looking at allele-specific expression during cellular differentiation utilising HipSci resource. Differential levels of gene expression associated with distinct genotypes are most often studied on a population level and with common genetic variants. This approach, although informative, often misses the important rare variants. In my project I am tackling these issues by looking at allele-specific expression within single individuals, using the full information of their genomes.

Guillermo Carbajosa

Research Associate

I will be working as Research Associate within Alan Hodgkinson’s lab. My project involves the analysis of large genomic datasets, alongside deep phenotyping information, to study the genetics and mechanisms of the human mitochondrial transcriptome with the ultimate aim of understanding where these processes break down in human disease. My background is in Biology and Bioinformatics and I have worked with several types of ‘omics data, including gene expression (microarrays and RNA-Seq) and DNA-methylation data sourced from human and different animal models.


Youssef Idaghdour: NYU Abu Dhabi

Youssef received a Ph.D. in Genetics at North Carolina State University under a Fulbright Scholarship for work demonstrating how environmental and lifestyle effects dominate genetic influences in human immune system. His postdoctoral work under a Banting fellowship at the University of Montreal focused on studying these effects in the context of sickle cell disease, host response to malaria infection and cardio-metabolic traits using systems genetics approaches and designs that jointly account for genetic and environmental effects.

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